KC Flight Shop SportStar Livery Contest!

So, I am planning to make a KCFS Livery pack free to all of our customers as a “Thank You” for there support. So far I have made a few great livery’s, but I NEED MORE!!! This is were you, the community, can help pitch in!!!! Also, get a little somethin in return.

Here is how it works. Im going to make this contest as simple as possible, so that ANYONE can enter it, with or without any artistic skills!  Posted below will be a livery kit for the SportStar.

In it is a layered PSD file for people who have Photoshop, and a JPG for people who dont. So if you have other programs like Gimp or even Windows Paint, you can use it!

Also, if you dont have any digital painting skills, thats fine! You can find a interesting photo of an aircraft livery and POST IT! Thats right! Find a photo of an aircraft that you think has a really cool and or unique aircraft livery that you would like to see on the SportStar and post it on this forum!!! ANYONE CAN ENTER!!!

Also, for those skilled livery painters, the full SportStar paint kit is also available!

So, what do you get? Simple. The winner(s) will get a free copy of the SportStar! If they already have the SportStar, they can opt to give there license to 1 friend, or save there license and use it on a free copy of our NEXT (un-announced) product!

Here are
the rules.

#1, all entries must be posted by Thursday, 8/11/2011 Midnight PST. I will announce the winners Friday.
#2, ALL entries agree to let me use there concept in a free livery regardless of if they win or not. Credit will be given if your livery concept is used.
#3, You can only submit a maximum 5 (five) concepts, so make them count! Dont flood the thread!
#4, Entries must be in the form of A: JPG of the livery template, or B: A clear JPG of a real aircraft. Please post them in this thread.
#5, Judging will be based on creativity, uniqueness, and style. I will pick the
winners that I like. I will also critique entries to help people zero in on what I like, and let them re-submit if they wish.
#6, Since I will be painting these livery’s, please dont make them too complex, see example below

cool livery, but would take me YEARS to paint with all the tiger stripes! Yikes!

Here are the files.

Livery Kit

Lets see what sort of creativity this community has! Contest starts NOW!

Visit our forum to submit your entry here http://www.kcflightshop.com/?page_id=39&mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=12#postid-30

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