Just for fun, I created a Seattle Seahawks themed livery for the Seabee! Enjoy flying around and showing off the 12th man spirit!

This livery is NOT officially supported in ANY way and is just fan artwork.

seahawks_seabee_01seahawks_seabee_02 seahawks_seabee_03

Download it HERE.

Don’t own the Seabee yet?  Its on sale!!!!  Scroll down for details.

FSX Re-released on Steam! Sale on Seabee to celebrate!

One of the most iconic and best selling games ever has just been re-released on Steam!  With the re-release comes some bug fixes, new multiplayer, and the hope for renewed support in the franchise by developer Dovetail Games and publisher Microsoft Game Studio’s.  Right now until January 2nd, you can get the FSX:SE (Steam Edition) for 50% off!

To celebrate the re-release of FSX, KCFS is having a sale on the Republic Seabee!  You get a whipping $10 off the normal $24.95 price!  This is the biggest sale the Seabee has ever have, so jump on this price while it last’s!

To use this coupon, simply save it locally (right click, save as on most browsers) and download the installer.  When you run the installer you will see a “Coupon?” box on the purchase screen.  Just load the saved image in there to receive your $10 off!  Expires 1/31/2015 and only for new customers.

Only 3 days left on the KCFS Seabee summer sale!

Not much time left to get in on a GREAT deal!  3 days left on the $5 off coupon thats good till 8/31/2012!!!

Also, if your STILL on the fence about getting the KCFS Seabee, dont just take our word for it.  Read what other FSX pilots are saying about the KCFS Seabee!  Links to reviews have been added from both Aerosoft and Mutley’s Hanger to the product page.  Check them out!

Mutley’s Hanger reviews the KCFS Seabee! Gives it 8.5 out of 10!

You can read the full review here.

A few choice snipits from the review.

“The modeling and liveries are among the best I’ve seen in a GA aircraft. It’s clear that this as a product made by a Seabee enthusiast”

“All in all I can wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone who wants a Seabee to fly, but can’t afford to get the real one. The same is true for anyone that is after a visually stunning GA-plane without IFR capabilities.”

Thank you Mutley for your honest and insightful review!

For new customers interested in buying the Seabee, you can find a 5$ off coupon below.

KCFS releases the Republic Seabee V2, now with P3D support!

KCFS is very happy to announce the release of V2 of its Republic Seabee add-on for FSX.  The new version bring a few small fixes such as corrections to the spedo, fixes to the pilots manual, and many other small fixes and changes, all to improve the Seabee.  One big change is the support for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3d (P3D)!  If you have P3D and wish to install the Seabee, please use the specific P3D installer listed in the products page.

If you have already purchased the FSX version of the KCFS Republic Seabee, your license will work for the P3D version just fine.  Also, you can have both the FSX and P3D Seabee installed on the same system with the same license.  No need to buy a new license!  Just download the correct installer for your flight sim, and enjoy!

To celibate this new milestone for KCFS, we are offering all new customers a $5 off coupon!

Summer Sale Coupon

To use this coupon, simply save it locally (right click, save as on most browsers) and download the installer.  When you run the installer you will see a “Coupon?” box on the purchase screen.  Just load the saved image in there to receive your $5 off!  Expires 8/30/2012 and only for new customers.

Please check back soon, as we have more exciting news to share in the coming weeks, including support for a 3rd flight sim and more.

Something fun cropped up!

Got an E-mail from Peter Norman who owns and fly’s the “Seabee Warbird” N64PN, a souped up Seabee with a Corvette Z06 7.0L V7 under the hood!  He watched the recent FSbreak.net podcast with me in it, and sent me some great video’s along with an invite to fly in his Seabee if I ever find myself in his neck of the woods!  Please enjoy the video’s at http://vimeo.com/38205786 and http://vimeo.com/34320308 and join me in “Liking” his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SeabeeWarbird!

I love this job =)  If I ever get to fly with Peter, I will be sure to bring a video camera and post the video!

KC Flight Shops Kevin Miller featured on FSbrake.net!

FSbrake.net, a Flight Sim podcast featured weekly, interviewed KCFS’s own Kevin Miller (lead artist and CEO) on there podcast last weekend.  If you missed it, the full podcast (video or audio) is available at http://www.fsbreak.net/podcast/111.  KCFS would like to thank Eric McClintock from FSBrake.net and also Zoolander64 from Digitalthemepark for hosting the interview and multi-player flight after the show.  If you fly multi-player, check out Ditigalthemepark’s TeamSpeak server at ts3.digitalthemepark.com for some friendly flying!

KC Flight Shop SP1 released!

KCFS is proud to announce the release of KCFS Seabee SP1. Two new versions are included with this release that take advantage of revised high definition reflect  and normal maps to deliver an intense gleam to the polished aluminum of all the liveries including the new bare metal version and Kenmore Air , one of the first retailers of the RC3.

Build in 1946, the unique Seabee amphibian was a product of aircraft designer Percival H. Spencer selling his Air Car design to Republic Aviation Corporation, their contribution to the post WW2 personal airplane market. Today, more than 60 years after production ended, the Seabee is still the most popular amphibian on the used-market

Additional features included in the SP: A female passenger in the VC (removable), wave, water and engine sound and effects modifications. Recommendations from current pilots were included to the service release to round out the contents.

Details, Screenshots and the updated installer are available at  http://www.kcflightshop.com/?page_id=245