Republic Seabee takes too the virtual FSX skies!

Im extremely proud to announce that the Republic RC-3 Seabee project has hit the next benchmark!  The Seabee is up and flying in FSX!  It still has a long ways to go untill its on sale, but this gives you a good preview of what the external model will look like.  Please ignore the cockpit model as its un-textured and unfinished, but the external is 95% done!

Can anyone guess what film this famous Seabee is from?


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Announcing the KCFS Republic Seabee!

First renders of the next KCFS product is in, and its a Seabee!

This product is being created with cooperation from both the International Republic Seabee Owner’s Club and local Washington Seabee owners to make the most accurate and detailed virtual representation of the Seabee ever!  Below are some early 3D renders of the external model.  The external model is mostly done, but missing its trademark corrugation on the flying surfaces.  Those will be added via normal mapping in the texture for performance reasons.  Feel free to discuss the project in the forums!

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Livery Pack Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that the livery pack is almost finished!  Soon the SportStar will be updated too SP1 with new details, bug fixes, and the added livery’s!  We are hoping for an early September release of the SportStar SP1.

Here are some screenshots of the custom livery from the contest winner!  The metal flake is a new technique I found (new for me at least) and I think it looks really cool, but would LOVE some feedback from the community and customers.

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Custom Livery Pack Preview

Just wanted to give everyone a preview of some of the custom livery’s in the free add-on pack that will be released after the contest!  Hopefully these will give some people some insperation!

Also, if you havent read yet, we are holding a contest for custom livery idea’s!  Read below for more details, and remember, you only need to submit a photo of a cool paint job!  Artist’s can still download the livery kit and make there own for bonus points 😉

KCFS Evektor SportStar is released!

KC Flight Shop is proud to announce the release of its first product, the Evektor SportStar!

The SportStar is a small 100HP personal aircraft under the new Light Sport Aircraft classification and is in fact the first aircraft to be certified Light Sport in the US!  The
SportStar’s roomy cockpit, exceptional performance, and unmatched visibility make it truly a pilot’s aircraft.

The KCFS Evektor SportStar offers an amazing package of value, detail, and versatility and an unbeatable price at only $15.00 (USD)!

You can purchase this product by following this link!

Flight Testing Complete

Last Friday I spent almost two hours flight testing a real Evektor SportStar Max in the skies of Washington State near Seattle. The pilot and I were testing various behaviors and reactions too specific conditions so we can make the most accurate FSX flight model possible. Here are some photos and a video of one of our touch and goes.

KC Flight Shop announces there first product, the Evektor SportStar for FSX!

I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July weekend! I know I am! Today is a
day I have been looking forward to for a while now! I get to announce the Evektor
SportStar LSA for FSX and a new 3rd party add-on Studio KC Flight Shop.  Our goal for
this company is very simple, affordable grass roots flight sim development with
a price goal around $15 .

Now, let’s talk a little about the Evektor SportStar! The aircraft started it’s life in 2003 with the new LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) classification in the Czech Republic and was the FIRST aircraft to get a certificate under the S-LSA category. Since then, Evektor has produced thousands of SportStar’s!

The SportStar is powered by the reliable Rotax 912ULS engine at 100HP with the max speed of 115 Knots. This thing is no sports car, but made for those of us that like to take things low and slow!  At only 1268 lb loaded, its got a very good power to weight ratio. The controls are amazingly light and sensitive.

Our design goal was to create a very detailed model but keep the frame rate impact to a MINIMUM to insure the aircraft works on the most machines possible.

-Highly detailed and accurate interior and exterior.
-High resolution (2K) textures with a good selection of default livery’s with layered paint kit.
-Amazingly well optimized model for PERFORMANCE on almost any machine that can run FSX.
-Fully detailed and animated VC with everything fully functional and clickable.
-Fully animated pilot.
-FM that is PILOT TESTED for accuracy.
-Working Garmin GNS 480 navigation system.

And now, the FSX screen shots! Please note! These are EARLY

Release Date: TBA