The KCFS Republic Seabee is in final!

Well the artwork is final, flight model is wrapped up, and we are working on the final bugs and getting the installer ready!  The Seabee should be on sale VERY SOON.  Till then, here are some fresh screenshots that should tide you over.

Big Republic Seabee Update!

The team has been hard at work getting the Seabee wrapped up for an Xmas delivery!  The bulk of the work going on right now is work on the flight model and cockpit textures.  Here are a few screenshots to celebrate!

Republic Seabee takes too the virtual FSX skies!

Im extremely proud to announce that the Republic RC-3 Seabee project has hit the next benchmark!  The Seabee is up and flying in FSX!  It still has a long ways to go untill its on sale, but this gives you a good preview of what the external model will look like.  Please ignore the cockpit model as its un-textured and unfinished, but the external is 95% done!

Can anyone guess what film this famous Seabee is from?


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SportStar SP1 Released!

SportStar SP1 has been released!

SP1 contains bug fixes, enhanced cockpit details, and 5 new HD livery’s and much more!

Current owners will be notified via E-mail.  New customers will automatically download the new SP1 after purchase.  Also, please enjoy the new promo video!

Republic Seabee Update Oct 3rd

Just a quick update on the progress report on the Seabee.  The external modeling is done and the cockpit is started!  Click the renders below for a preview.

Seabee and SportStar SP1

Just a quick announcement about the SportStar.  The Service Pack 1 will be released VERY soon.  SP1 will include fixes, enhancements, and 5 new livery’s and will be FREE to everyone who purchased the SportStar!

Here are some 3D renders of the final 1947 Republic Seabee model!

Announcing the KCFS Republic Seabee!

First renders of the next KCFS product is in, and its a Seabee!

This product is being created with cooperation from both the International Republic Seabee Owner’s Club and local Washington Seabee owners to make the most accurate and detailed virtual representation of the Seabee ever!  Below are some early 3D renders of the external model.  The external model is mostly done, but missing its trademark corrugation on the flying surfaces.  Those will be added via normal mapping in the texture for performance reasons.  Feel free to discuss the project in the forums!

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