KCFS RC-3 Seabee released!

Something New

KC FlightShop Introduces the Republic RC-3 Seabee an all-metal
amphibious sports aircraft designed by Percival Spencer in 1944 and the RC-1 made its first flight with Spencer at the controls. By the end of 1944 Republic had received 1,972 civilian orders for the $3,500 airplane.  The Navy granted Republic Aviation the rights to use the name Seabee for the civilian version. Today, more than 60 years after production ended, the Seabee is still the most popular amphibian on the used-market…

The KC FlightShop recreates the first production RC-3 Seabee with
original equipment as released from the factory for a vintage flight
experience, the fully interactive VC uses 3D gauges throughout with every system modeled.

  • Features include HD quality textures (2048 x 2048).
  • Authentic HQ digital stereo sounds.
  • Fully animated pilot
  • Kneeboard checklist with performance tables.
  • Realistic night lights effect in the virtual cockpit..
  • FSX features: external dynamic shadows, internal dynamic shadows on VC, volumetric normal mapping, specular mapping and bloom lights.
  • FPS. friendly model
  • Interactive virtual cockpit.
  • Full moving parts: Ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps, rolling wheels and trim tab
  • Animated Doors
  • Lights: Panel Lights, Navigation lights, landing and cabin lights.
  • Fully normal mapped interior.
  • Compatible with Addon Hardware and Shared Cockpit Functions
  • Easy to use paintkit
  • Realistic behaviour, pilot tested to match the real airplane.
  • Help from many pilot and owners of real Seabee’s for accuracy and authenticity

Visit the KC FlightShop http://www.kcflightshop.com/?page_id=245 for a look at this new release!

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